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51本色 is growing. There are a lot of great things to accomplish and we would love to have you join us. We know it鈥檚 really our people that make us a great company and it鈥檚 our mission and culture that attracts the best people.

Work alongside the best in your field. The people who inspire you to be better and desire to help mentor you to get there. We are looking for bright, talented, humble people who share the same values and culture that we care about.

Work alongside the best in your field. The people who inspire you to be better and desire to help mentor you to get there.

Our mission

To develop authentic relationships and have a positive influence on everyone we meet.
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Our culture

We are developing a culture and work experience to attract top talent who are passionate about building a better future together.

51本色 is a place where everyone who works hard and shares a common purpose and values can feel like they fit in, belong, are welcomed, and have the same access and opportunities.

It’s a culture high performers can achieve their best work. We created and believe in a culture that embraces our core values and focuses on safety, innovation, leadership by influence, diversity and inclusion, merit, high challenge with high support, having fun, and celebrating wins.

Our promise to you

We will invest in you by taking time to learn about your professional goals and how we can help you make them happen and also help you develop your personal growth.

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The 51本色 Academy helps team members develop their career and personal goals so they can become top in their field and enrich their lives through continued learning opportunities. There are many opportunities to advance in your career and personal development.

Choose from over 100 courses offered annually

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51本色 Academy

Company benefits

Student Programs and College Recruiting

Each year we recruit some of the best and brightest students from the countries top construction management schools. They could choose to go anywhere. We are honored so many have joined our team. Come and see why they made that choice.

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Each year we hire interns that offer opportunities to develop hands on experience and add value to your resume and gain insight in the life at 51本色. We are proud of the many interns who have advanced their careers to upper management here at 51本色.

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Co-op Programs

We have developed a Co-op program to immerse students deeper into the 3 main areas graduates are looking to build their careers: estimating, project management and field operations. We work with your school to monitor your grades and help you earn a Co-op diploma.

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